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Sleeping disorders such as insomnia can be highly disruptive and even lead to health complications that can take a toll on your well-being. If you suspect you may have a sleep disorder, USA Sleep Diagnostic Services’ provides sleep studies to help you find relief. Getting a proper amount of sleep each night is crucial for staying happy and healthy, and we’re dedicated to guiding you towards more restful nights. To learn more about our sleep studies in Columbus, contact us today.

How We Can Help

USA Sleep Diagnostic Services offers a wide range of sleep studies to help you narrow down your specific sleep disorder. Although some sleep disorders may not be completely unique in their symptoms, our sleep specialists have the training and experience necessary to find any and all essential distinctions. We know how important sleep is to your overall health, and we won’t rest until you can.

Below are the sleep studies we provide at our Columbus clinic.


A polysomnography monitors multiple body functions during sleep, including brain activity, eye movement, heart rate and rhythm, and breathing rate. These tests can be done in a hospital or sleep center, and the wide range of monitored functions can help identify the specific issues to determine what kind of sleep disorder is present.

Home Sleep Study (HST)

Home sleep tests are one of the more convenient sleep studies, as they can be completed from the comfort of your own bed. This kind of test typically involves using devices such as a portable monitor, finger clip, and airflow sensor to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep positions, and many more indications of a sleep disorder.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

A multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) measures how long it takes for a person to fall asleep by having them take a series of naps throughout the day. If a person doesn’t fall asleep within a certain timeframe, or REM sleep doesn’t occur once they do fall asleep, it is usually a sign that there is some kind of sleep disorder at play. MSLTs are most often used to test for narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia

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Common Signs of a Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders can manifest differently for everyone, but there are a few key signs that you may require the help of a sleep specialist. The most common indications of a sleep disorder include:

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Increased movement or trouble breathing during sleep
  • Excessive sleepiness in the daytime
  • Irregular sleep and wake cycle

Our Sleep Clinic Specializes in All Sleep Disorders

Our Columbus clinic is dedicated to assisting individuals with a wide range of sleep disorders to ensure everyone can get the most out of their care. While some disorders may not always seem unique, our sleep specialists are trained to ascertain your specific issue and find an effective solution in a timely manner. Whether it’s sleep apnea, insomnia, or narcolepsy, we can get you the results you need.

How The Process Works

A sleep study monitors a number of the body’s functions to determine why a person is experiencing a sleep disorder. There are numerous studies available to help diagnose patients and find their specific disorder, with the most common being polysomnography, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests, and home sleep tests. These studies work by monitoring things like brain activity and muscular movement to identify any irregularities that would be indicative of a sleep disorder.

Sleep specialists can also employ several assessments such as EEG tests and ECG tests to narrow down the specific issue that may be causing a sleep disorder.

What You Should Know Before Your Appointment

Sleep studies are minimally invasive and as painless as possible. The most important aspect of the test is your ability to sleep, so our technicians will do everything they can to ensure your comfort. To make the process as seamless as possible, there are some ways you can prepare before arriving at our sleep clinic:

  • Don’t consume any caffeine after 12 PM on the day of your appointment
  • Bring any medications that you regularly take
  • Clean your hair and make sure it’s free of excessive hair products
  • Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and any other toiletries you require
  • Pajama pants, t-shirts, or gowns are appropriate attire (No silk or satin materials)
  • We provide pillows and blankets, but you are welcome to bring your own from home
  • We have cable television, but you may bring reading materials, music, or anything else to entertain yourself with
  • Please do not bring any pets, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, or any other inappropriate items
  • Please do not bring any valuables
  • Fill out any necessary forms before arriving for your appointment

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